Welcome to Wing Ding Constructions online!

Wing Ding Constructions IS Frank Saggus: A crafty fella who travels the globe searching for cool and unique elements to build into each of his birdhouses so no two are exactly alike! That’s right folks—we’re talkin’ “olde worlde craftsmanshipe”— in this day and age! Go figure . ..

These birdhouses are not just easy on the eyes—they‘re fully functional if you choose to post ‘em outdoors! And they’re easy on the planet, made mostly from recycled materials. How’s that for warm & fuzzy!? No endangered species are harmed in the process of building these and all child laborers are US citizens and handsomely compensated. (okay, we made up that part about the kids; Honestly, Frank is the only person crafting these houses from concept to completion).

Please browse our humble site and bear with us as that it is a work in progress. Eventually we will have an online catalog for you to shop from so check back soon!



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