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Arezzo Antique Flea Market
Arezzo, Italy

Charlotte Antiques & Collectables Show
Metrolina Expo
Charlotte, NC

Reningers Antique Flea Mrkt
Mount Dora, FL

J & J's Flea Market
Athens, GA





Let Me Tell Ya A Little ‘Bout Wing Ding...

Building birdhouse gives me an excuse to do three things that I have loved to do since I was a kid, tear stuff up, put it back together and dig around in other folks’ “trash”. 

All my birdhouses are built from salvaged lumber and found objects—usually scored at antique stores, flea markets, yard sales or literally picked up off the street.

I built my first house out of lumber from a hay barn I tore down at my grandpa’s house and junk out of his workshop.  I used up that pile of lumber and goldmine of junk long ago.  Now I am always on the look out for a house or barn being torn down or falling down where I can stop and pull off a few sticks of lumber or buy the whole thing and take what I need. 

Our family vacations are now focused around finding good flea markets and the like where I can look for interesting stuff or unusual junk.  I walk with my head down looking for rusty washers and change to get an espresso (but never from starbucks®, they’re of the devil; them and wal-mart®).

                        —Frank (That’s me, above, both past and presently in full color)




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