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Below are most of our “Classics.” We dubbed them such as they incorporate elements we usually have on hand, but please do keep in mind these are hand-made, unique crafts so when you order a particular house, the color/patina, wear and texture of the wood, roof and/or fixture may vary slightly from what you see pictured here. Thanks!!
Click on image or listing below to view it larger & learn more about it.
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If you’re looking for something specific, sort through our classics based on a listing below, organized by the particular elements incorporated in each birdhouse...

vintage angel

vintage mixer blade & silverware

vintage door knob (rusted flanged iron)

doorstops, stacked

vintage face plate, glass knob w/ key

vintage flag holder

vintage fishing reel

vintage golf clubs (two)

vintage golf club (solo)

potato hoe (pitch fork)

horse shoe

assorted vintage keys w/ glass door knob

assorted salvaged lumber strips, moldings and trim pieces

vintage mannequin hand

vintage masonite tile & porcelain cup holder

vintage havoline oil cans w/ spark plug

cast iron pig head

vintage pencil sharpener

vintage combination p.o. box

vintage shoe forms

vintage skates, plastic gear, wrenches



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